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VA.ZI ITALIA is a Company Limited Partnership based in Palermo, Sicily, since 2010. Established by Anna Maria Vassallo and her husband Fabrizio Zinna, VA.ZI ITALIA’s aim is to focus national and European attention on the best of excellent regional, and in particular Sicilian, agricultural products, under the brandname ITALICUM.IT. Additional products include quality table and kitchen accessories designed and produced in Italy. Constant research into the best that Italy produces ensures our customers excellent quality at affordable prices, comparing favourably all other e-commerce websites for local agricultural products.

ITALICUM.IT ‘s vast commercial and professional experience in gastronomic products both in Italy and abroad is now, by means of the web, under transformation. In order to widen our horizons and offer our customers an even broader choice of commercial and gastronomic possibilities we can now provide that vital link between the home and the rest of the world. Our carefully selected products and our innovative commercial philosophy  are guaranteed to give customer satisfaction at every purchase.

Our website is structured in complementary sections with the aim of providing our customers, in particular the private European customer, an exclusive service based on the concepts of experience, professionalism and customer care. Our gastronomic  products, for example our excellent Olive Oil (DOP), are sourced from the most uncontaminated areas of the Mediterranean, for example the coasts of Lampedusa, or from organic cultivations.

As we are strongly motivated by customer satisfaction, we would like to hear from you, in the hope that your skills in the kitchen, creating that family meal or celebrating a special occasion, have been enhanced by our products. on FACEBOOK

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