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Extra Virgin Sicilian Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from production located in the area of the Trapanesi Valleys, D.O.P., sold in cans starting from 0.500 liters. The quality of our extra virgin olive oil is that of the best Sicilian tradition, from ancient olive trees that give a fruit particularly rich in antioxidants, treated with cold pressing and with an intense green color. The benefits of extra virgin olive oil are now known to all since the times of the ancient Romans, who used the precious nectar for nutrition, skin and hair care and as an ointment for sports competitions. In fact, extra virgin olive oil Sicilian olive oil, pure, is rich in antioxidants and beneficial properties that allow the assimilation of vitamin E by the body, and therefore, allows an improvement and maintenance of the keratinous tissues of the skin, hair and nails. The olive oil mask for hair and skin, one of the most effective in the sector, is commonly used.

Returning to nutrition, the undisputed quality of this Sicilian olive oil, extra virgin, guarantees a superior taste in raw salad dressings, pasta, meat and fish, excellent with fresh tomatoes such as bruschetta on fresh or toasted bread. The shipment is carried out in cans prepared for use, with a safety cap and individually packed with respect to other goods that may have been ordered.

We also treat Mutti's balsamic tomato vinegar, unique in quality and produced in Italy with only 100% Italian tomatoes

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