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Lentils from USTICA Slow Food

Lentils from USTICA Slow Food are appreciated autochthonous legumes of the island of Ustica, grown exclusively on the island a few kilometers from Palermo. The characteristics of these legumes are also protected and guaranteed by the Slow Food presidium, which guarantees their origin and authenticity. Known for their beneficial properties for the body, Ustica lentils are the smallest in Italy, from the dark brown color to the red, and of great tenderness, allowing a quick and complete cooking within 30-45 minutes. They are cultivated, treated and harvested manually, as per centuries-old tradition, without the aid of mechanical equipment that could affect their quality and quantity during the harvest.

The island of Ustica has a volcanic origin, rich in natural elements typical of the volcanic areas, fertile and with the marine influences of the Mediterranean which allow it to have a complete and unmatched beneficial properties.

Ustica lentils boast excellent nutritional values, which make them highly sought after and appreciated both for the diets of adults, as well as for vegans and vegetarians, and for small children starting from the weaning age. Ustica lentils are made up of 25% proteins and carbohydrates for a good 53%, as well as vegetable oils, phosphorus, B vitamins and an excellent proportion of iron.

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Lentils from Ustica 15,88 Oz. (450 gr.) - Slow Food

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Lentils from Ustica 15,88 Oz. (450 gr.) - Slow Food



Lentils from Ustica 15,88 Oz. (450 gr.) - Slow FoodSicilian excellence Slow Food, the Ustica's lenti..

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