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Raw couscous and flour

Sicilian couscous not pre-cooked

Sicilian raw couscous is an extremely delicate product, made with Sicilian buckwheat, unfiltered, not pre-cooked and not treated with hot or cold processes, which affect its aroma and flavor. The couscous, or couscous, raw must therefore undergo a process of preparation and cooking completely different from the classic pre-cooked, which can be consumed after just 15 minutes of cooking, called "incocciatura", ie the separation of the grains of wheat by hand or similar accessory for example a fork, in a bowl called couscoussiera, created exclusively for this purpose, pierced at the bottom, and which allows steam cooking of raw couscous, after being moistened during the "pocketing" process to allow the enlarged without coming out of the holes.

A very important note related to this article, is that of the deadline, always reduced within 2/3 months maximum, precisely because it is an untreated "live" wheat and subject to rapid deterioration. It is absolutely necessary that the package is not left open, but consumed in its entirety, and for packages still closed by the deadline, that they are kept in cool and dry places. It is preferable to purchase small batches of product to be consumed in the very short term, to ensure its freshness. Once cooked, it can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator.

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