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Sicilian Cassata 1,5 Kg.

  • €39.90

  • Product Code: PGLCAS1/5KG
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Minimum Order: 1 Pieces
  • Weight: 5.90 Kg
  • VAT: 10 %

Sicilian Cassata online sale

The Sicilian cassata queen of Sicilian sweets, made at the time of order, with fresh ingredients guaranteed by the ancient Puglisi production of Palermo. A heart of fresh sheep ricotta, sweetened with dark chocolate drops, on a base of fragrant sponge cake, covered with sugar glaze and Sicilian candied fruit, as usual, cherries, oranges, pumpkins, pears and much more.

Sicilian cassata is an artisan product, traditionally Sicilian and in demand all over the world, especially during Easter and important anniversaries. The weight of the product is subject to variations due to its artisan nature, in fact, and therefore it can vary according to weight and size, however, the weight indicated in the description is guaranteed, equal to 1.5 kg.

Origin: Italy - Sicily

Ingredients: sheep ricotta, sugar, candied fruit, dark chocolate, natural flavors, flour, eggs. Contains traces of fruit with shell, gluten and egg and milk allergens.

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