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Aubergines in oil - Sicilian recipe 300 gr.

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Sicilian preserves in oil

Sicilian aubergines in oil are a typical appetizer or side dish traditionally used to accompany meat and fish dishes of typical Sicilian cuisine. Coming from the Fitalia area, located in the Nebrodi Mountains, rich in excellences from the Sicilian garden, these aubergines in oil can be considered a fine food although in its simplicity. The aubergines are harvested and processed in the day, flavored with oregano and olive oil, and then preserved in sunflower oil, with a neutral taste but rich in beneficial nutrients for the body, with Sicilian white wine vinegar, garlic and oregano, all 100% Sicilian ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: aubergines from Fitalia, sunflower oil, white wine vinegar, garlic, oregano, salt.

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