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This firm has the intention to supply the customer and the user of the website connected with it, with a clear and exhaustive information about the quality of food product and not, showed in the online catalogue and at service for the sale.

How the information given directly by the producer firms, all goods on the website have Italian origin and coincide with community regulation concerning the security in the production and for the customer; the same makes use of high qualifying standard for the verification of application of the same legislation in different production and commerce phases.

It is a prerogative of the supplier, the commerce of composed food farming items, preserved with salt, brine, oil, sugar and syrup, dried, made of alcohol or fruit, liquid, sauces, creams, of ichthyic bovine, swine, ovine and equine origin, deriving also from attested organic farming and however all those corresponding with certificated regional Italian productions.
Also, items and accessories trade always of certificated Italian manufacture and origin, of different kinds, stuff and destination, combined with products above listed.

Biological supplies which this firm is reliant on and how producer asserted, respect the relative regulation that concern organic farming sector at European level, that is Reg. CEE 2092/91.
Pivotal points of the community regulation are the official recognition of biological as farming method  and the definition of a control system to protect the buyer and to safeguard the producers.
So indications of regulation allow both  the producer and the transformer to carry out them activities in a precise technical context and in certain and uniform legislative structure for all country of CE.

On international scale, the control protocols are defined by organization like the IFOAM (International Federation Of Organic Agriculture Movements), they are recognized by European Union and they are applied in Italy only by organization recognized by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.  
These organizations have the task to follow the production and transformation firms in all phases, in particular:

 - Biological conversion phase ( which last for 24 months);

 - To improve and maintain the fertility of the ground;

 - In the application of protection methods against vermin, diseases and plants that grow over;

 - In the control of the absolute prohibition of OGM product use or derived;

 - Management of documentation and company register;

 - In the control of product labelling;

 - In the control of confection, storage and transport of biological product;

 - In the systematic control of every product coming from biological production through analysis laboratory to verify the     absence of harmful and banned elements.

Biological products marketed by this firm and sold through its e-commerce website are certificated by the consortium for the control of biological products (CCPB) of Bologna, how the producer declared.

Concerning laws that regulate the brand and the quality of food farming products, even though they do not come from biological cultivation, as those that are marketed by this firm, it is possible to consult order CE n. 509/2006 and n. 510/2006, whose application modalities respectively have been arranged with orders CE n. 1216/2007 and n. 1898/2006.

In particular, the article n. 8 of order 510/2006 stipulate the denomination, wordings and symbols which can be used in the marketing of food farming products:

Protected Designation Origin (PDO)

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

It is foreseen also the logo for Guarantee Traditional Speciality (STG).

Foretold wordings and relative symbols can appear also on the brand of product coming from other countries, it being understood that marketing on the community territory must be made in the  respect of the effective regulation.

Different from these quality brands are those of wine, classified in:

Indicazione geografica tipica (IGT) wines yielded for the 85% by grapes of geographic area of which take name.

To denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) wines of quality produced in a specific area, whose organoleptic characteristics must respect parameters arranged by preliminary of production.

To denominazione di origine controllata e garantita (DOCG) wines of particular quality and preciousness, subjected to rules of production more severe than wines DOC (double analysis: chemical- physical and organoleptic). DOCG wines must have been recognized DOC wines for almost five years and they must be bottled in container less than 5 litre, which are assured with a state mark.

Food product pre-pack must respect national and community dispositions concerning labelling for its marketing.
This subject is disciplined by directive 2000/13/CE, acknowledged in the Italian order with Legislative decree 181/2003. These rules concern only products that are destined to be exported out of territory.

It is necessary that labelling answer to some essential requirements, like:

Do not induce the purchaser at fault about the characteristics of product.

Do not attribute to the product prevention property, cure and care of diseases, except of natural mineral water and the food product destined to particular pathologies, ordered by dispositions ad hoc.

Also, the label must report some indications in compulsory way:

The denomination of product with the addition of physical condition (powdered, liquid, lyophilized, frozen, smoked, concentrated, etc)

The list of ingredients to be expressed in percentage in descending order of quantity used and the specific name.

Indication of potential allergen.

Indication of the maximum limits for the fat continent in meat products

The net quantity in the liquid volume and mass units for other products.

The date of minimum/maximum storage expressed as day, month, year.

The use by date and any special conditions for storage and use for perishable goods.

The name, address and company name of the manufacturer or packer.

Place of origin and provenance of products.

Instructions if necessary.

The alcoholic strength for beverages with an alcohol continent exceeding 1,2%.

For specific products is obligatory to indicate certain data.

Labels must contain the information in a visible, legible, easily comprehensible and indelible in Italian or translated in Italian.
The European Commission has long recommended that the labels of food products, marketed ought to be written in a official EU language, as long as easily understandable. They are placed in pre-packaging. Only when moving to another site to view this performance, the information can be given on the shipping documents or accompanying.

Any breach of the above standards for products in the catalogue included on the site, owned by this company may be reported to the fax number 0039.091.532458, by e-mail to the address [email protected] or through certified mail A/R headed to VA.ZI. Italia S.a.s. – Piazza Tommaso Natale, 117 – Palermo 90147 (Italia).