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FLAT AND RAISED BASES for transparent boxes

FLAT AND RAISED BASES for transparent boxes. In this section are grouped all the floor, bases and bottom combined with transparent boxes displayed on our site, in the colors available for size and type of transparent box. Raised bottoms or flat bottoms for transparent boxes are used for many uses; raised floor can reduce by 1 cm. the internal space, for example, for clear boxes that are too high compared to the object to be inserted; other way around, where the clear boxes are exactly corresponding to the measurements of the objects, it is possible to choose a flat bottom that is, completely adherent to the floor of the box, without any rise. The colors of raised basis and bottoms for transparent boxes are relatively limited, mainly in blue, velvety backgrounds or cardboard bottoms, flat and raised double use white and blue, or gold. You will find raised bases for transparent boxes, Bottoms for transparent casket boxes, bottoms for pastry boxes, of many sizes. However, if colors or measures you are looking for are not online, you can always contact us at our number +39.3385463569 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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