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Sicilian Anelletti Pasta recipe

Sicilian Anelletti Pasta recipe

Baked palermitan anelletti.
This alternative dish to the Bolognese lasagna, is of Palermo origin and is the main dish of Sicilian festivals, those to be clear, with many relatives gathered around a table full of goodness and full of joy.

The primary ingredient, the most important, is a type of pasta that is not easy to find outside the Sicilian "dorders", anelletti or anellini, a shaped pasta, a round ring used as well as to create the pasta pudding, also to assemble alternative supplì and arancine.

Ingredients for 4 people :

500 gr. by Anelletti or Anellini
250 gr. minced veal
250 gr. ground pork
150 gr. pecorino cheese in cubes
100 gr. grated caciocavallo cheese
700 gr. Tomato sauce
400 gr. peeled tomatoes
250 gr. fresh or frozen peas
80 gr. bread crumbs
a tablespoon of tomato extract
1 glass of extra virgin olive oil
1 glass of dry white wine
2 eggplant
4 eggs
1 medium onion
1 stalk of celery
1 medium carrot
4 bay leaves
salt and pepper
two small teaspoons of butter


In a medium saucepan, pour half a glass of extra virgin olive oil, onions, celery and finely chopped carrots, 2 bay leaves and minced meat of veal and pork, sauté the sauté well, mixing it with the meat salt and pepper, then blend with a glass of white wine and add the tomato extract, the latter must be chopped and helped to melt with the help of a fork.

As soon as the mixture has reached a medium cooking time, and the extract has melted, proceed first to add the peeled tomatoes, breaking down the pieces of tomato with a fork, then the sauce, a pinch of salt and let it cook. , stirring occasionally, for about a quarter of an hour over medium heat, then lower the heat.

Meanwhile, cut the aubergines for the long side, producing slices that are not too thick (usually from each aubergine can be obtained from 8 to 10), fry them with the rest of the olive oil in a pan, boil the peas and the anelletti with the other two bay leaves, and prepare the hard-boiled eggs and the cheeses.

After half an hour, you can turn off the sauce, in the meantime you have drained the anelletti or rings ABSOLUTELY "AL DENTE" (in this case since the dough will bake for several minutes, you can adjust for about 8-10 minutes of cooking) eggs and peas;

Arrange the rings or rings in a fairly large baking dish, or a round pan if you want, the one for the cakes, the important that is so large to accommodate over the pasta, all the other ingredients without difficulty.

Proceed by covering the pan with a layer of butter and a few tablespoons of meat sauce, then a layer of pasta, the meat sauce, fried aubergines, diced pecorino cheese, hard-boiled eggs, peas and grated caciocavallo cheese , repeating the layers until the ingredients are used up, balancing them proportionately for each layer.

Bake with a final sprinkling of grated caciocavallo cheese and breadcrumbs, for the gratinatura, and wait about 15 minutes.

The masterpiece is accomplished !! Bring to your table and serve with a full-bodied red Nero d'Avola wine.

Enjoy your meal..