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Tomato Vinegar - Property, Taste and Wellness

Tomato Vinegar - Property, Taste and Wellness

An extremely delicious product rich in taste and beneficial properties, typical of tomatoes, is the tomato vinegar.

Presenting the Tomato Vinegar, implicitly means to praise the undisputed king of Mediterranean cuisine, the tomato, "star performer" of Pasta dishes, meat dishes, appetizers, but also, sandwiches and snacks, all over the planet, excellent ingredient rich in taste and, among other things also beneficial properties, which we will try to list below.

The Mutti tomato vinegar, the best on the market for the tradition that the Mutti company has in the collection of tomatoes, in its transformation and conservation, with land owned in Italy, is produced by the natural fermentation of the tomato, without any addition of alcohol or spirits, and for this, extremely natural and healthyThe primary ingredient of this Tomato vinegar, contains, in every drop, elements such as Lycopene, B vitamins, antioxidants, zinc, potassium, all essential to our body.

Let's see specifically, all the properties of the tomato:

Nutritional properties of Tomato:

Water: 94%
Carbohydrates: 3%
Protein: 1.2%
Fibers: 1%
Fat: 0.2%
100 gr. of fresh tomatoes bring 17 Kcl.

In the tomato there are:

Vitamins of the B / D / E group
Lycopene and antioxidants
Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, Potassium, Selenium and Calcium
Citrates, Tartrates and Nitrates make mineral and anti-radical substances

Source: Editorial

With its excellent energizing charge, the Vinegar of Tomato offers a sublime, intense and Mediterranean taste of tomato, gently acidic. It is very suitable for all salads, both with vegetables, and with meat and fish dishes. Together with fresh ricotta, it creates an excellent sauce for meats; but also as a condiment for grilled vegetables, as an flavoring sauces for the Pasta, or simply in raw on buttered canapés with bottarga, it reaches perfection.

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