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DIY favors .. Savings and fun !

DIY favors .. Savings and fun !

Many important events mark the course of our daily life, weddings, births, baptisms, confirmations, graduation parties, religious and civil celebrations, which embellish with small memories to be honored to the guests, in memory of a goal achieved. Beautiful emotions, however, often require small or large investments, for their organization, depending on the tastes and their desires.

For many reasons, but above all, for the freedom to decide one's own tastes, often coordinating tasks with professionals and agencies in the sector, for the creation of various favors, the do-it-yourself is the most appreciated choice in Italy, and now also in Europe. Wedding favors, birth favors, favors for baptism, confirmation, or in general, other occasions, can be designed and created with a few accessories.

Let's see what are the accessories needed to make a wedding favor:

The packages:

(depend on the type and size of the object)

Transparent boxes

Cardboard boxes

Boxes cardboard with transparent lid

Clear case boxes

Transparent Busta boxes

Transparent boxes bottom and lid

Transparent cylindrical boxes

Jute bags

Single-dose tray boxes (to be used as placeholders)

Tubular glass favor holder

The decorations:

Colored satin ribbons

Ribbons in colored raffia

Ribbons in organza

Floral pick


In order to make wedding favors, in general, transparent boxes are the most popular; crystalline, light and practical, let us immediately see the object packaged, with simple elegance. The transparent boxes decorated with colored ribbons and picks, have a very pleasant and positive aesthetic impact

Even for Confetti and Bonbons, transparent boxes are in great demand, but also jute bags and colored cardboard boxes.

Many, like to take care of the details of the table, therefore, placeholders nice and appreciated may be the typical small jams or honey, packaged with cardboard boxes portavasetti, measuring 30-50-100 gr., To decorate with the name of the guest and place at the table.

Many solutions that we at can provide and offer, with speed and security.

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