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The Scicli bean ... the Sicilian "sweet thing"

The Scicli bean ... the Sicilian "sweet thing"

The sweet bean of Scicli (RG), in Sicilian dialect "Cosaruciaru" (ie, sweet thing) is a product linked to the territory of Eastern Sicily, south of Siracura, in the province of Ragusa, Scicli, where it grows and is grown exclusively than the rest of the planet. From very ancient origins, this type of bean, similar to borlotto, but smaller with intense purple veins, and sweet, with a delicate and fragrant taste, is grown in very small quantities, from only 3 selected local farms, two of which they often do not have sufficient availability for sale, reflecting its very restricted and very reserved market.

A product in high demand abroad, America, Australia, Japan, and in Italy above all by star chefs thanks to its versatility and unconventional taste, the sweet bean of Scicli is considered an elite product, rich in trace elements, potassium and iron, and it can be enjoyed with recipes with a traditional taste, for example with pasta, but also whimsical and worthy of the most refined menus. With Cosaruciaro bean can be created creams, salads, cold and hot dishes, with fish and meats, tasted alone, with good extra virgin olive oil, or blanched and heated in a pan with bacon, shaded by a few drops of wine, and used as a side dish with veal fillets, pork ribs or Florentine steaks.

The Slow Food Presidium, which protects the origin and production of this highly sought-after product, imposes strict protocols for its cultivation and sale, so that its origin and nature is not abused and distorted.

Thanks to agreements with the major Azienda Agricola di Scicli, purchasing the cosaruciaro sweet bean is easy on We sell it in packs of 300 and 500 gr. with original Slow Food packaging and purchased for sale directly from the manufacturer, to ensure its freshness and authenticity.

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