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Maiorca flour from ancient Sicilian grains Kg. 1

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Maiorca Ancient Sicilian soft wheat

The Maiorca flour from ancient Sicilian grains is a true excellence in the field of Sicilian gastronomy, both for the completely natural, indigenous cultivation of the Palermo area of the Madonie, secular and protected from any genetic modification, and for its beneficial properties for our diet , being high in protein and low in gluten. Maiorca wheat is soft, has high golden spikes and has been used for many Sicilian confectionery for centuries, primarily cannoli, but also shortbreads, brioches, crepes, cakes, thanks to its high aptitude for leavening. As soft wheat, it is mixed with more tenacious Sicilian flours, such as Tummnia or Russello, for bread making, giving life to a fragrant and soft bread typically characteristic of the Palermo area.

The Maiorca flour of ancient Sicilian soft wheat contains 50% less gluten than the flours traditionally available on the market, and being milled with natural stone it keeps the germ of the wheat from which it is born unchanged, with all its healthy and beneficial properties. As it is not a very common grain, except in the Palermo area alone, its yield is much lower than other commercial grains, unexploited and unrefined, and therefore considered niche. Compared to normal commercial flours, Mallorca can be considered healthy in all respects, and as it is not processed at intensive levels, it is sold as a rare and niche product, at an above average cost.

100% produced, cultivated, harvested and milled in Sicily by: Antico Mulino a Pietra di Lazzara - Longi (ME)

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