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Maiorchino cheese from Sicily 500 gr.

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Sicilian sheep cheeses

Sicilian Maiorchino, a prized and ancient cheese typical of the Messina area of ​​the Peloritani Mountains, is a tasty cheese already known in the 17th century and produced in Sicily with a mixture of whole milk from sheep and goat, produced locally. Thanks to one of the main ingredients, sheep's milk, and to its hard, raw structure, Sicilian Majorcan is also called Mallorcan pecorino, for its delicately spicy and tasty taste, and for its long seasoning that can go up to at 24 months.

The result of the union of goat's and sheep's milk is poured into tinned copper boilers called "quarara", and during the processing, it is repeatedly pierced with a thin iron rod called "minacino". For the next 20-30 days, it will be salted several times.

The tasty delicacy of the Sicilian Maiorchino, Slow Food presidium, is used in a large variety of recipes for its taste and versatility. Excellent alone with extra virgin olive oil and homemade bread, but also grated on pasta dishes, as an appetizer, in combination with cold cuts, as an accompaniment to meats, but also cut into thin slices for puff pastry, savory pies, pizzas, sandwiches.

Sicilian origin and protected production: Azienda Agricola Soc. Coop. in the province of Messina.

Seasoning: up to 24 months

Ingredients: 50% whole sheep's milk, 50% whole goat's milk, salt

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