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Nebrodi black pork Baked ham 300 gr.

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Sicilian cured meats online sale

Nebrodi black pig cooked ham is a refined and delicious salami, produced exclusively with the Nebrodi black pig leg and is one of the excellence of the Sicilian gastronomic sector. From farms owned by the company, the Nebrodi black pig cooked ham boasts different characteristics from the ham normally on the market, being bred without industrial feed or antibiotics, simply in contact with the nature of the Sicilian Nebrodi mountains where it is born and lives. Rich in iron and proteins important to our body, and with a decidedly Mediterranean taste, it can be used for feeding children and for all those who, in food, seek safety, tradition and certified origin of livestock.

As an appetizer, the sliced version cut into cubes, can be an excellent way to anticipate a dinner, or cut into slices in sandwiches or sandwiches, it also makes a prized between meals or a quick brunch. For catering, Nebrodi black pig cooked ham enhances even the simplest of menus.

We sell it Sliced or whole in cuts of 300/500/1000 grams.

Sicilian origin and production: Azienda Agricola Soc. Coop. in the province of Messina.

Ingredients: Nebrodi Black Pork Meat, salt, preservative E252

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