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Nebrodi black pork rolled bacon 300 grams

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Nebrodi black pig rolled bacon, called rolled, being the part of the belly of the Nebrodi black pig spiced, seasoned and flavored, which is rolled up on itself and tied as shown in the image, is a handmade product of great taste and is often used to give recipes a more full-bodied touch and a sweeter and more pleasant taste.

Generally consisting of an internal layer of pink-colored meat, enclosed by fat, the Nebrodi black pig pancetta inherits from this extraordinary breed of pig, the typical taste of the mountainous area and of the herbs that the pig feeds on in its condition. of wild freedom.

On the palate it is juicy, delicately sweet and flavored as per ancient local Sicilian tradition, and can be used in hundreds of recipes both cut into cubes for a carbonara, and in strips for English crispy pancetta, but still cooked in sauces or in soups, for a delicious taste.

Sicilian origin and production: Azienda Agricola Soc. Coop. in the province of Messina.

Storage period : Variabel von 20 bis 80 Tagen

Ingredients: Nebrodi Black Pork Meat, salt, pepper (black or red), Sicilian wild fennel, preservative E252

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