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Organic Tomato juice - ml.750 -

  • €7.35

  • Brands Bioitalia
  • Product Code: 8024046241021
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  • Minimum Order: 1 Pieces
  • Weight: 1.52 Kg
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The tomato is a food low in calories (only 17 kcal / 3,53 Oz.) And is rich in antioxidants and against cancer such as lycopene, beta carotene and vitamin C.
Tomatoes are also rich in potassium, the mineral necessary for muscles and heart.
The tomato juice should not be used as a normal tomato for cooking, but also drunk as an aperitif and here is some advice ....


  • 3/10 Vodka
  • 6/10 Tomato juice
  • 1/10 Lemon juice
  • 2 Drop Worcestershire sauce
  • A squeeze of Tabasco
  • Salt and pepper

Some ice cubes in the shacker and add vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, salt, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Shake for ten seconds, then let stand a minute and pour into ice-cold glass. Sprinkle with a pinch of pepper and serve.

In compliance with Articles 9 and 14, first paragraph, letter a) of the EU Regulation nr. 1169/2011 of 25 October 2011, will indicate the information relating to the product as per the label affixed on the packaging, from the manufacturer.

PRODUCED IN ITALY. Distributed by Bioitalia Distribution srl - Sarno (Salerno) - Italy

100% organic tomato juice (made from fresh organic tomatoes).

It may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, fruit with shell and allergens derived from them

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