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Perciasacchi flour from ancient Sicilian grains Kg. 1

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Ancient Sicilian grains for sale online

Perciasacchi flour of ancient Sicilian wheat appeared shortly after Timilla, in chronological order, and is therefore among the oldest in Sicily. Thanks to its structure and resistance, Perciasacchi ancient soft wheat is naturally protected against weeds. as being very high and resistant, it does not require chemical use and herbicides for its survival. The grain is extremely aerated, destroying all those mycotoxins that would be otherwise, neutralized with chemical products (for example glyphosate), resulting in a very healthy, pure food with exceptional nutritional properties. Mainly grown in the Madonie area in Sicily, the ancient Perciasacchi wheat contains a very low glycemic index, a very elastic gluten alloy that makes it suitable for consumption even by those predisposed to intolerances, although not by celiacs, but anyone who wants to prevent celiac disease. Often compared improperly to Khamut flour, unlike the latter, Perciasacchi ancient wheat flour is much better from a nutritional point of view and above all, due to the absence of mycotoxins impossible to develop in Perciasacchi, both for its characteristics technical, and because being 100% Sicilian autochthonous it is not transported in the holds where, even for months, commercial flours such as Khamut directly develop its proliferation.

Properties of Perciasacchi flour of ancient Sicilian grains

The Perciasacchi flour of ancient Sicilian grains owes its name to the shape of its grain, pointed to such a point as to pierce the jute bags in which it is collected (from the Sicilian dialect "percia-sacchi" or hole sacks). It boasts excellent bread making which makes it suitable for baked goods, bread, sweet and savory recipes, with an intense and aromatic aroma. Rich in minerals useful for the human body, such as selenium, zinc and iron, fibers and polyphenols that have a beneficial effect on blood sugar and cholesterol.

100% produced, cultivated, harvested and milled in Sicily by: Antico Mulino a Pietra di Lazzara - Longi (ME)

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