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Provola cheese from sicilian Nebrodi mountains 500 gr.

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Sicilian provola from Nebrodi

The fresh or seasoned provola cheese dei Nebrodi comes from local cows, bred according to precise traditional Sicilian criteria, with natural feed and pastures of the Nebrodi undergrowth and Sicilian mountain herbs. Produced from cow's milk, the fresh version of the Nebrodi provola is pleasant on the palate, with strong aromas of local mountain herbs and a delicate sweetness. The seasoned version, gives a moderate and sweet spiciness, becoming extremely tasty.

Being a protected designation of origin, the provola dei Nebrodi is protected as Sicilian gastronomic excellence by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, and guarantees its authenticity of production and the Scilian origin of the Nebrodi area, without any contamination.

The provola dei Nebrodi, or Sicilian provola, is offered in fresh versions, with seasoning under 30 days, or seasoned over 120 days. It is sent under vacuum. Excellent for simple tasting, with extra virgin olive oil, or as an ingredient for traditional, quick or elaborate recipes, in which it can be integrated into slices or grated for a particularly tasty taste. But the Nebrodi provola is also excellent as an appetizer, or as an accompaniment to a good plate of cold cuts, together with a fresh and sparkling white wine.

Sicilian origin and protected production: Azienda Agricola Soc. Coop. in the province of Messina.

Fresh: less than 30 days
Aged: 120 days

Ingredients: whole cow's milk, rennet, salt

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