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Sicilian anise and wines for the Holy Mass (over 21 years old)

Sicilian anise Tutone

The Sicilian anise Tutone is a very ancient and traditional product of Sicilian gastronomic culture. Born in Palermo from the distillation of anise called "starry" for its star shape, it has constituted with its centuries-old recipe, a point of reference for the Palermitans who enjoyed it walking in the streets of the center over a century ago, and remains even today an unmissable appointment, especially during the hot summer days. A few drops of Tutone anise, in a glass of fresh water, create the "cloud" effect which, dissolving, gives the water an extremely thirst-quenching and sought after correction throughout the world. Sicilian Tutone anise is sold in bottles of 20 and 30 cl. with an alcohol content of 60% and today it is exported all over the world where it is appreciated and enjoyed with great pleasure.

Wine for the Holy Mass

The wine for the Holy Mass is a very particular product, "ex genimine vitis" as imposed by the curia, that is, produced exclusively from vines accepted and controlled by the Church. The cellars that produce wine for mass are often located in the Trapani area of Marsala, due to the excellent quality of the vines, such as the Cantina Pellegrino, historic producer of Sicilian Marsalal since 1800, or the Cantine Martinez, but we also treat a excellent wine for the mass produced in Calabria from the same production as the hosts for the mass, the Domus. The bottles of wine for the mass vary from 75 to 100 cl. and they can be chosen between white and red, always with sweet liqueur origin, such as "marsalato".

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