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Sicilian artichoke cream 180 gr.

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  • Product Code: CRCF/NEBRODI
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  • Weight: 1.10 Kg
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The Sicilian artichoke cream is a real delicacy, with a velvety taste and produced with only the tender hearts of Sicilian artichokes from the Nebrodi mountains area. From company-owned crops, protected and managed according to traditional Sicilian agri-food rules, the artichokes used for this cream are carefully selected and chosen from the best for a natural and intense taste like the best Sicilian productions of the past.

The artichoke cream is Sicilian excellence if tasted on bread flavored with extra virgin olive oil, but it becomes indispensable for filling savory pies, various appetizers, small snacks between meals, but also as a condiment for a special and original first course, will leave all diners satisfied. The artichoke cream is flavored with Fitalia parsley, Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

Produced by Il Lochetto Farm - San Salvatore di Fitalia (ME)
artichokes 65%, sunflower oil 25%, olive oil 10%, salt, lemon juice, parsley, flavorings.

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