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Sicilian oil biscuits - 300 gr.

  • €8.90

  • Product Code: BSCTOL/NEBRODI
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Minimum Order: 1 Pieces
  • Weight: 1.00 Kg
  • VAT: 10 %

Typical products of the Nebrodi

The sicilian oil biscuits are a typical of the Nebrodi, produced with ingredients of extreme excellence, such as the ancient Sicilian wheat Maiorca type, stone milled, and the extra virgin olive oil of Minuta, an ancient and indigenous variety of Sicilian olives that in addition to being a Slow Food presidium, they are also the result of over one hundred years old plants that still produce at full capacity. The taste of these handmade Sicilian oil biscuits, which are also processed and kneaded by hand as per the ancient and traditional Nebrodi recipe, is completely different from the biscuits generally on the market and thanks to their extremely excellent ingredients, they are also very healthy and excellent. for the organism. No chemical agents, preservatives, GMOs or other substances generally used for commercial biscuits are used, therefore they can be safely consumed by children and adults in extreme safety.

Made in Sicily by: Az. Agr. Antico Mulino - (ME)

INGREDIENTS: Ancient Majorca Sicilian Wheat Stone Ground Flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Minuta, sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla beans, ammonia.

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