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Sicilian Pecorino cheese d.o.p. half-seasoned 500 gr.

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Sicilian Pecorino cheese for sale online

The semi-seasoned Sicilian pecorino cheese dop is the result of a long Sicilian tradition that culminates in the protection of the designation of origin, D.O.P. and it is produced throughout the Sicilian territory with the same procedures. The semi-seasoned Sicilian pecorino has a seasoning period that varies from 2 to 4 months during which it proceeds with different salting phases until the finished product. The seasoned, rests for 4 to 8 months.

Traditionally, Sicilian pecorino, one of the oldest and tastiest cheeses in Sicily, is made with whole sheep's milk exclusively, hence the name, to which Lamb's rennet is added and poured into a wooden vat, from where then it becomes mainly tuma, then first salt, then second salt, and then semi-seasoned and seasoned, with variable duration.

The Sicilian pecorino dop is enhanced by the combination with the robust flavors of traditional Sicilian cuisine, such as pork sausage, salads, roasted meats, grilled, and enhanced by full-bodied and full red wines. There are other variations of pecorino, seasoned with black peppercorns and spicy red chilli, as well as natural, all with an exceptional taste and also suitable for appetizers and appetizers

Sicilian origin and protected production: Azienda Agricola Soc. Coop. in the province of Messina.

Semi-seasoned: 2 to 4 months

Ingredients: whole sheep's milk, lamb rennet, sea salt

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