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Spicy chillies in oil from Fitalia 200 gr.

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Typical Sicilian food for sale

The chopped hot peppers in oil from Fitalia, in the Nebrodi area of Messina, are among the agri-food excellences of Sicily, for the type of land where the Nebrodi Mountains are grown and collected. The area of the Nebrodi mountains is among the best and most fertile Sicilian areas, with a high quality of the soil, rich in trace elements and minerals, and protected as a pristine reserve.

Spicy peppers in oil are widely used for almost all recipes, traditional and otherwise, at least for spicy lovers. They can be used for first courses, to sell meat, fish, salads and on appetizers and side dishes, which are extremely tasty and tasty.

Produced by Il Lochetto Farm - San Salvatore di Fitalia (ME - Sicily)

INGREDIENTS: San Salvatore di Fitalia chillies, sunflower oil, salt.

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