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Extra strawberries jam from Nebrodi 240 gr.

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Strawberries and Nebrodi fruits

The Nebrodi extra strawberry jam is, without a doubt, one of the Sicilian agri-food excellence not only for the intrinsic properties of the fruit, but also for the organoleptic qualities of the product. The Monti Nebrodi Park is a very fertile area of ​​Sicily, which gives the local territory a treasure trove of indigenous products of excellent quality, and which work in the correct way, without waste and respecting nature and the territory itself, constitute the wealth of the area, and the delight of those lucky enough to taste them.

The Nebrodi strawberries, together with other small fruits, berries and vegetation which black pigs also feed on, which is why their meat has a flavor and consistency of rare comparison. Rich in vitamins, including vitamin C, and minerals, the strawberries used for this jam have been grown in the open air for about 10 years, and preserve its origins and the peculiar characteristics of the plant.

Produced by Il Lochetto Farm - San Salvatore di Fitalia (ME)

INGREDIENTS: Nebrodi strawberries, sugar - Fruit used 60 g per 100gr. - Total sugars g. 55 per 100gr.

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