Below the conditions of sale stipulated under Article 7 of the D.lgs. 70/2003 and of the D.lgs. n. 185/99 on distance contracts and guarantees to the buyer, provide the following:

   1. Object Service
   2. Security and Privacy
   3. Commodity and product quality
   4. Prices and payments methods
   5. Purchase order
   6. Shipping costs and delivery times
   7. Foreign customers
   8. General responsibilities
   9. Right of withdrawal and how made
 10. Complains and solutions


 The purpose of the site WWW.ITALICUM.IT is the sale directed only to the customers throughout the Community, guaranteed and regulated by the existing Community rules described above, of food product, accessories associated with them and various objects invoice and Italian production exclusively on line.
For this purpose, the Supplier show you a virtual catalogue wrote in three languages (Italian, English and German) supply with pictures and information as more detailed and clear as possible, concerning every single marketed item, to encourage the purchase.


In compliance with the existing rules on security on the web, and in order to protect data and the identity of the customer, who wants to use the services of supplier, each transaction, concerning the registration of personal data and payment orders, is protect by protocol HTTPS SSL 3.0 ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol Over Secure Socket Layer) which use modern encryption system in the change of information between customer and server.

During the operation of registration and payment, the customer must verify that the URL of the page in question has the security requirements needed to continue with operations, ensure that the URL of the sensitive pages starts with “https” (where the final letter “S” means “secure”), or depending the browser used, that the image of a close padlock is usually visible in the left side of the screen below. 
Confident in the high security standards adopted from the site of transactions,
guaranteed to all users who use the services connected with it and those make payments using their credit cards through other company, the supplier puts the payment orders to be executed through the use of the mayor global payment channels, into the hands of the PAYPAL same, that will allow to the customer to do not share the credit card details to the seller in any case.

On privacy and in strict compliance of the informative according to the decree 30 giugno 2003, n. 196 “personal details processing code” the personal data supplied by the customer trough registration or creation of account on the website which identification data(reason or business name, head office, phone number, fax, e-mail, tax information, and so on); data concerning the economic and commercial activity( orders, solvency, bank data, accounting data and tax information, etc.).

Will be used in the limits and for the achievement of the finality concerning the contractual relation in progress. Particularly the treatment is oriented to the related fulfilment and consequent to the development of  all administrative, commercial, accounting and fiscal activities. The assignment of data and the relative treatment are obligatory for the contractual and legal fulfilment finality. Also the assignment of data is obligatory to complete all the activities of the writer, necessary and functional for the contract execution. The possible rejection to provide data for these aims could supply the impossibility to initiate contractual relation and mandated by law by the writer. The assignment of data to receive communications, newsletter or publicity material is optional, our firm can do that through your e-mail address or fax. In every moment the customer can oppose to  this treatment sending a request to the e-mail address or fax below. The possible rejection to provide data for marketing purpose will not prejudice the regular contract execution in progress.

The treatment will be made with the support of computer, data transmission and paper instruments, exclusively used by authorized subjects as responsible for administrative and accountant office, marketing office, involved in the management and maintenance of computer systems.

Taking the communications done in mandatory by the law and contractual obligations fulfilments for granted, all kind of data and information may be transmitted in Italy and transferred abroad only for the above aims to:

service and data processing societies, fiscal advisor, management consultant and every entity that verify the good fulfilment of the finality described above; any other subject stranger to our firm, which have stipulated an agreement with us to take  measure  to guarantee the reliability of data entrusted, in any case data will be use only for the achievement of aims above.

Holder of treatment is VA.ZI. Italia of Anna Maria Vassallo who you may ask updated list of subjects or nominated, responsible of treatment, sending an email at  or a fax to the number +39.091.532.458.

At every moment you may exercise any of the rights noted in the article 7 of legislative decree 30 giugno 2003, n. 196 and accede to your personal data, asking the existence or not confirmation, although not recorded yet, as well as to achieve the update, to rectify your data when you need, through integration of the same; the cancellation,  the transformation in anonymous condition or the block of data used in violation of law, including data which is not necessary the conservation  in relation with the aims for which data were gathered or afterwards used; the declaration that the operations which have been brought to knowledge, also with regard to their content, by those people to whom the data have been communicated or released, except if this fulfilment is impossible or involve a disproportioned use of means in respect to the protected law.

The person concerned can also oppose, in full or in part, to the treatment of his data for proper reason, although pertinent to the aims of  the achievement, besides to the treatment of his data in order to send publicity material or direct sales or fulfilment of market research or commercial communication.


This firm has the intention to supply the customer and the user of the website connected with it, with a clear and exhaustive information about the quality of food product and not, showed in the online catalogue and at service for the sale.

How the information given directly by the producer firms, all goods on the website have Italian origin and coincide with community regulation concerning the security in the production and for the customer; the same makes use of high qualifying standard for the verification of application of the same legislation in different production and commerce phases.

It is a prerogative of the supplier, the commerce of composed food farming items, preserved with salt, brine, oil, sugar and syrup, dried, made of alcohol or fruit, liquid, sauces, creams, of ichthyic bovine, swine, ovine and equine origin, deriving also from attested organic farming and however all those corresponding with certificated regional Italian productions.
Also, items and accessories trade always of certificated Italian manufacture and origin, of different kinds, stuff and destination, combined with products above listed.

Biological supplies which this firm is reliant on and how producer asserted, respect the relative regulation that concern organic farming sector at European level, that is Reg. CEE 2092/91.
Pivotal points of the community regulation are the official recognition of biological as farming method  and the definition of a control system to protect the buyer and to safeguard the producers.
So indications of regulation allow both  the producer and the transformer to carry out them activities in a precise technical context and in certain and uniform legislative structure for all country of CE.

On international scale, the control protocols are defined by organization like the IFOAM (International Federation Of Organic Agriculture Movements), they are recognized by European Union and they are applied in Italy only by organization recognized by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.  
These organizations have the task to follow the production and transformation firms in all phases, in particular:

 - Biological conversion phase ( which last for 24 months);

 - To improve and maintain the fertility of the ground;

 - In the application of protection methods against vermin, diseases and plants that grow over;

 - In the control of the absolute prohibition of OGM product use or derived;

 - Management of documentation and company register;

 - In the control of product labelling;

 - In the control of confection, storage and transport of biological product;

 - In the systematic control of every product coming from biological production through analysis laboratory to verify the     absence of harmful and banned elements.

Biological products marketed by this firm and sold through its e-commerce website are certificated by the consortium for the control of biological products (CCPB) of Bologna, how the producer declared.

Concerning laws that regulate the brand and the quality of food farming products, even though they do not come from biological cultivation, as those that are marketed by this firm, it is possible to consult order CE n. 509/2006 and n. 510/2006, whose application modalities respectively have been arranged with orders CE n. 1216/2007 and n. 1898/2006.

In particular, the article n. 8 of order 510/2006 stipulate the denomination, wordings and symbols which can be used in the marketing of food farming products:

Protected Designation Origin (PDO)

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

It is foreseen also the logo for Guarantee Traditional Speciality (STG).

Foretold wordings and relative symbols can appear also on the brand of product coming from other countries, it being understood that marketing on the community territory must be made in the  respect of the effective regulation.

Different from these quality brands are those of wine, classified in:

Indicazione geografica tipica (IGT) wines yielded for the 85% by grapes of geographic area of which take name.

To denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) wines of quality produced in a specific area, whose organoleptic characteristics must respect parameters arranged by preliminary of production.

To denominazione di origine controllata e garantita (DOCG) wines of particular quality and preciousness, subjected to rules of production more severe than wines DOC (double analysis: chemical- physical and organoleptic). DOCG wines must have been recognized DOC wines for almost five years and they must be bottled in container less than 5 litre, which are assured with a state mark.

Food product pre-pack must respect national and community dispositions concerning labelling for its marketing.
This subject is disciplined by directive 2000/13/CE, acknowledged in the Italian order with Legislative decree 181/2003. These rules concern only products that are destined to be exported out of territory.

It is necessary that labelling answer to some essential requirements, like:

Do not induce the purchaser at fault about the characteristics of product.

Do not attribute to the product prevention property, cure and care of diseases, except of natural mineral water and the food product destined to particular pathologies, ordered by dispositions ad hoc.

Also, the label must report some indications in compulsory way:

The denomination of product with the addition of physical condition (powdered, liquid, lyophilized, frozen, smoked, concentrated, etc)

The list of ingredients to be expressed in percentage in descending order of quantity used and the specific name.

Indication of potential allergen.

Indication of the maximum limits for the fat continent in meat products

The net quantity in the liquid volume and mass units for other products.

The date of minimum/maximum storage expressed as day, month, year.

The use by date and any special conditions for storage and use for perishable goods.

The name, address and company name of the manufacturer or packer.

Place of origin and provenance of products.

Instructions if necessary.

The alcoholic strength for beverages with an alcohol continent exceeding 1,2%.

For specific products is obligatory to indicate certain data.

Labels must contain the information in a visible, legible, easily comprehensible and indelible in Italian or translated in Italian.
The European Commission has long recommended that the labels of food products, marketed ought to be written in a official EU language, as long as easily understandable. They are placed in pre-packaging. Only when moving to another site to view this performance, the information can be given on the shipping documents or accompanying.

Any breach of the above standards for products in the catalogue included on the site, owned by this company may be reported to the fax number 0039.091.532458, by e-mail to the address or through certified mail A/R headed to VA.ZI. Italia S.a.s. – Piazza Tommaso Natale, 117 – Palermo 90147 (Italia).


Unless otherwise stated in writing, all prices clearly listed on the site and expressed in euros are exclusive of VAT and do not include additional taxes or other amount. Their validity is always and only one indicated by the purchasing process online as soon as the forwarding order to the supplier by the customer. As prices of some or all items covered may change at any time without notice. The supplier is not liable for taxes or amounts that may be imposed for any reason, other countries.

For each order is issued an invoice to be sent with the goods in a sealed envelope.

Payments under contracts entered into purchase through the site will only be made by credit card or bank transfer in advance to the shipment of goods ordered online. It excludes any form of payment to be paid with the contact of the delivery.
The customer must choose, at the conclusion of the practice of buying online, the chosen method of payment accepted by VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. , that can not then be changed.

Payment by credit card that is supported by PAYPAL will ask the customer subscription to its services or create a personal account for payment procedures (for details, see the readings of the site or for German Customer ) through which services the buyer will ensure the security of the transaction to avoid sharing sensitive information to your credit card directly with the seller.
If the customer purchases products with the price paid by credit card, PAYPAL will ensure immediate verification of the validity of the credit card, but will charge the total amount of transport cost and tax only when the order is done, so the customer will have the possibility, at any time before the planned dispatch, to cancel the current order without any refund.
At this stage, that is, between the forwarding and evasion, the customer may not modify the order entered in any way nor increasing or subtracting to the total  goods defined. However, the customer can send a new order to cancel or replace the previous.
VA.ZI ITALY at any time may require to the customer to send additional information or copies of documents proving the ownership of the credit card used for the completion of the purchase order. In the absence of receipt of information or additional required documents by VA.ZI ITAL, VA.ZI. reserves the faculty of not accepting the order, giving contextual notice to the customer addresses delivered in the registration phase (not secured by SSL)

If  the customer chooses to pay via bank transfer, the normal rules apply to credit card payments, but the transaction will be managed by the customer through its own bank that will put the exact amount with no rounding  down or up to its bank account indicated by the time governed by rules established by the EEC on banking, usually within the day following the date of execution, but in some cases 2-3 working days


VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. di Anna Maria Vassallo


                      IBAN               :    IT 20 B 08946 04601 000009485937
                      BIC / SWIFT   :    ICRAITRRQA0 (The last digit is a zero)

Payment via wire transfer will be done, for the credit card, together with the closure order and will be credited only when the certainty of the order and anyway always before shipment which will not be made, in any case, without receipt of amount.

It is obvious the refund to the client is only in cases of mutual agreement, the parties agree that there are no acts of the conditions to continue the order fulfilment (eg objective malfunctions of the system or browser, or cases of double payment certificate with double credit) but would always be excluded beyond the usual period of evasion and consequent order and dispatch.

Any request for reimbursement will be considered and evaluated only in compliance with the provisions governing the right of withdrawal, as indicated in paragraph 9 of these conditions.


Online catalogue published on the website and managed by VA.ZI ITALY was divided into different sections for each product sector which in turn includes many subcategories as many various types of items within the same sector, both to facilitate the purchase by the customer. Every article on the online catalogue is accompanied by technical specifications provided directly by the manufacturer, as well as additional data and real images of the Article.

Orders are accepted only online via the website  and has been correctly received by the VA.ZI ITALY by the VA.ZI order is confirmed by the same communication via email,  sent automatically by the system of consecutive minutes and intended only as confirmation of correct reception on platforms support the site, accompanied by:

A unique number (order number).

Summary of the data provided by registration.

Complete list of required goods with VAT included amount and detail of expenditure.

The date and time of the order.

Therefore, assuming that after the dispatch of the order, the customer does not receive an email within minutes with the above data, the proposed purchase will be deemed as not accepted for all legal purposes.

After the automatic confirmation sent to the customer by the system, the supplier undertakes to proceed with the order processing received within two working days, sending the customer confirmation of dispatch email address provided by the customer.
The supplier is completely exonerated from any liability for any delays in order processing procedures, and directly or indirectly attributable to the supplier.

At any time the customer can view his order and his status to escape through the personal area created on the site after the registration done.
The online catalogue is structured in this way in order to provide the customer who wants to purchase, information on current availability of products on display updated in real time; however, given the rapidity of the method of delivery of information online orders and the likely numbers of users simultaneous access to the site, you can not exclude the lack of items previously labelled as “available” and placed in the shopping cart; in this case, the supplier may propose an article with similar characteristics maintaining the same cost as a courtesy, where the difference is greater, or the customer will require the replacement items at its option for the same amount or more. Any difference to the client will accordingly be refunded by bank transfer in a time not exceeding seven days from date of order fulfilment.
In any case, the supplier undertakes to inform the client of any changes to the order, including the cancellation both for shortages and accounting and / or administrative or other nature.

Use the shopping cart for the simulation of purchase by the customer who intends to record data on the site, you agree to absolute and total sales conditions described therein until the required payment, when the conclusion of the transaction, the client allows the supplier as soon as possible to evade the order submitted.


The supplier makes shipment only through courier ;

UPS, administered by the RANDAZZO S.r.l. in Palermo based in Carini (PA)

GLS EXECUTIVE S.p.A. (GLS), administered by the PA TRANSPORT S.r.l in Palermo based in Carini (PA)

VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. is excluding any other form or transportation companies.

In relation to charges levied by the same GLS and UPS, the supplier distinguishes costs by weight and delivery nation differentiated enough to apply a contribution to the costs of participation rather than the full amount, during the calculation of the amount to pay.

To provide each customer estimated information useful to the understanding of calculation additional amount of the order, the supplier provides a table with full details of amounts, as well as applied by the system based on the weight and delivery of the nation the customer will declare.

This table, which may change at any time, in according to the rates from time to time applied by the two carriers, can be found
here :


Foreign Countries (max 50 Kg.)


Austria / Belgium / Denmark / France (Corsica not included) / Germany / Luxembourg / Netherlands  

Free delivery for orders over € 350,00
excluding value added tax and transport

                            Up to Kg.10        € 19,90
                            Up to Kg.30        € 39,90
                            Up to Kg.50        € 59,90

Per ordini con peso oltre i 50 Kg. le spese di spedizione verranno calcolate successivamente all'ordine.
For orders weighing over 50 kg shipping charges will be calculated after order is placed.
Für Bestellungen mit einem Gewicht über 50 kg Versandkosten werden nach der Bestellung berechnet werden

Balearic Islands / Czech Republic / Poland / Romania / Slovak Republic / Slovenia / Spain ( Canary Islands not included) / Sweden / Ungary / United Kingdom (Scothland not included)            

Free delivery for orders over € 450,00 excluding value added tax and transport


                            Up to Kg.10        € 29,90
                            Up to Kg.30        € 39,90
                            Up to Kg.50        € 79,90

Per ordini con peso oltre i 50 Kg. le spese di spedizione verranno calcolate successivamente all'ordine.
For orders weighing over 50 kg shipping charges will be calculated after order is placed.
Für Bestellungen mit einem Gewicht über 50 kg Versandkosten werden nach der Bestellung berechnet werden

Bulgaria / Estonia / Finland / Ireland South - EIRE / Greece / Greece Islands / Latvia / Lithuania / Portugal (Azoras and Madeira not included)                    

Free delivery for orders over € 600,00 excluding value added tax and transport

                          Up to Kg.10        € 39,90
                          Up to Kg.30        € 49,90
                          Up to Kg.50        € 99,90

Per ordini con peso oltre i 50 Kg. le spese di spedizione verranno calcolate successivamente all'ordine.
For orders weighing over 50 kg shipping charges will be calculated after order is placed.
Für Bestellungen mit einem Gewicht über 50 kg Versandkosten werden nach der Bestellung berechnet werden

British Islands / Croazia / Cyprus / Ireland North / Liechtenstein / Malta / Serbia and Montenegro / Switzerland / Scotland / Turkey / Norway 

Free delivery for orders over € 1000,00
excluding value added tax and transport

                            Up to Kg.10        € 150,00
                            Up to Kg.30        € 199,00
                            Up to Kg.50        € 260,00

Per ordini con peso oltre i 50 Kg. le spese di spedizione verranno calcolate successivamente all'ordine.
For orders weighing over 50 kg shipping charges will be calculated after order is placed.
Für Bestellungen mit einem Gewicht über 50 kg Versandkosten werden nach der Bestellung berechnet werden

Azoras Islands / Canary Islands / Corsica / Madeira                     

Free delivery for orders over € 800,00 excluding value added tax and transport

                          Up to Kg.10        €   99,90
                          Up to Kg.30        € 139,90

Per ordini con peso oltre i 30 Kg. le spese di spedizione verranno calcolate successivamente all'ordine.
For orders weighing over 30 kg shipping charges will be calculated after order is placed.
Für Bestellungen mit einem Gewicht über 30 kg Versandkosten werden nach der Bestellung berechnet werden


or under “News

The carrier imposes to transport a maximum of 100 kg in weight for all shipments to any destination in the Italian territory, for delivery to destinations outside the Italian territory and in any event within the EC, the maximum drops to 50 kg.

The goods are sent carriage free with any liability to the supplier where the goods were shipped into the port;
if the client withdraws the goods with his own courier, behind indication and express request to , the risk is seen to be fully borne by the customer after delivery of goods from the carrier at the place of departure to delivery; in this particular case, the supplier will refund the amount improperly charged by the transport system and included in the final calculation;
the customer must still pay the full amount as the balance of the order and wait for reimbursement within maximum 2 working days.

On delivery of goods postage paid, the customer (or whoever has his own delegation to receive the goods) must verify the integrity of packages and correspondence with the quantity and quality as specified in the accompanying document (invoice). In case of discrepancies, the same should be reported with the contact carrier who will write down the details on the same document accompanying addition to writing “we reserve the right” and confirmed within 7 days by fax to 0039.091.532458 or recommended headed to VA.ZI ITALY- Piazza Tommaso Natale, 117 – 90147, Palermo, subject to revocation of asserting their rights in this regard. While the packing is intact, the goods must be verified within 7 days of receipt and any hidden defects, reported in writing by fax or letter sent by recorded delivery. Each alert over these terms, will not be taken into account. For each statement, the customer assumes full responsibility for the statements.

Where the customer has an agreement with his own carrier or decides to use special transport  organizations chosen for this purpose in mind, he will however complete the order and the consequent transaction by bank or credit card; the supplier will take care issue refunds via bank transfer to coordinates provided by the customer, or through any others means of payments chosen by the customer, immediately after withdrawal from the place of departure by the carrier chosen by the customer, within 2 working days.

Transportation means to plan road, so, despite the carrier guarantees delivery within 48 working hours over the Italian territory except for minor and mayor islands which there are at least 78 hours, for any reason, the customer can charges no liability to VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. in case of delay in order processing or delivery of goods covered by purchase contracts.

Force majeure, lack of transportation, local holidays, as well as events that result in an unpredictable or unavoidable delay in delivery or make delivery difficult or impossible, or to cause a significant increase in the cost of delivery against VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. will give the same right to split, postpone or cancel, in the whole or in part, the expected delivery or to terminate the purchase agreement. In such cases, the VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. provide timely and adequate notice of its determination to the email address provided by the customer and the latter will be entitled to a refund of any money already paid, excluding any further claims, in any capacity against of VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s..

For deliveries outside Italian territory, the carrier arrangement GLS or UPS guarantees  delivery within 5-7 business days, depending on the conditions of transport areas, sea or road, as well as depend upon blocks operated by police and not from any cause force majeure.

It is understood that any request by the Italian or European Customer would receive the goods with particular urgency, can be satisfied only after the supplier has assessed the feasibility and charge additional amounts payable for the express shipping.

In each case and each destination, from the day following the shipment, you can obtain from the supplier references for traceability of the goods as well as any additional details about the alleged date of delivery.


The sale of the items in the catalogue is aimed at Italian and foreign clients, from across the community, therefore there are specific tax rules governing the charging of VAT to all holders of VAT and all private and they belong to the EEC and external to it (Swiss).

Already on order, for all customers during the registration will be declared to reside in one of the member states of European community, outside of Italy, will specify the following statements:

For gentlemen vat number holder client or for registered companies that in billing said to reside in an EU country (INTRACEE), prices shown are VAT exempt, in compliance with former Art. 41 D.L.331/93.

For gentlemen vat number holder client or for registered companies that in billing said to reside outside an EU country (INTRACEE), prices shown are VAT exempt, in compliance with former Art. 8 c2 DPR.633.
For gentlemen private customers in billing said to reside in an EU country (INTRACEE), prices shown are subject to VAT pursuant to Art. 41 D.L.331/93;
For gentlemen private customers in billing said to reside outside of an EU country (INTRACEE), prices shown are VAT exempt in observance of former Art.8 c2 DPR.633.


For all residential customers VAT holder that in billing data said to reside in the territories of the European community, in compliance with article 21 of Presidential Decree 633/72 paragraph 2 THERE IS NOT'OBLIGATION TO PUT THEIR TAX CODE NUMBER OR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER,Therefore, the supplier issues an invoice, Only  with NAME - LAST NAME - CORRECT AND COMPLETE ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE

For all residential customers VAT number holder that in billing data said to reside in the territories of the European community, in compliance with article 21 of Presidential Decree 633/72 paragraph 2 THERE IS OBLIGATION TO PUT IN THEIR VAT NUMBER THAT WILL BE ON THE SAME INVOICE SHOWED.


Interested buyers will pay the VAT tax in accordance with current regulations and rates of their country of residence for tax purposes.

For gentlemen clients private community, apply the European regulations on tax matters involving the payment of VAT in the country to purchase the good.


Despite VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. undertakes to make the images published much more corresponding as possible to the articles from which it derives, the possibility exists for differences in colours, shades and various details, including specific factors that may be useful for different factors and whose VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. is not in any way responsible.
Goods of food, as well as the types and vintages of wines offered on the site can be replaced at any time or deleted without notice or communication, in such cases VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. reserves the right to propose to the customer, if this has placed an order for goods not available, goods of equal quality, type and cost of replacement as may be deleted, and decline any responsibility for any consequences thereof.

The VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. is not responsible for the statement made by producers of goods through labelling or communications provided otherwise, so any discrepancy between the contents of the packages as described externally and should be considered the responsibility of the manufacturer.

In accordance with the provisions of national laws and current Community, the economic relationship between the supplier and the customer is governed by legislation to protect consumers only if the customers purchases for personal purposes unrelated to his work. Therefore, the relationship between the supplier and the customer who buys for purposes related to his activities by providing their VAT does not apply regulations to protect consumers, including in particular the D.Lgs n. 185 of 1999 (distance contract), D.Lgs n. 50 0f 1992 (right of withdrawal) and articles 1496 bis and segg. C.c. 

The prices displayed on the site are exempt from VAT and transport, so the total will be accounted for when calculating the order by the customer, include VAT and shipping where applicable; any additional tax demanded by other EU countries do not make VA.ZI ITALIA S.a.s. in any way responsible for any refunds or other requests in some way related to the supply ordered.

VA.ZI ITALIA S.a.s. also is not responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, arising from sale of goods and services offered in the catalogue published in site, including delayed and/or non-delivery of the product, nor for correspondence to the published specifications of the goods sit in, nor for any fact directly attributable to VA.ZI ITALIA S.a.s.

It is implied that the customer provides, taking responsibility and taking provider harmless from any adverse consequences, that their data provided on acceptance of these general conditions, are accurate and provides insight into the true identity of the customer who also agrees to immediately notify the supplier in writing, including by email at any change to the data provided.
The customer is also informed of the need to communicate to the supplier a valid email address in order to allow the supplier the forwarding order confirmation and any further communication.


it is recognized as law reviews the recession of the purchase agreement no later than 10 working days of receipt of goods, in compliance with Decree 22/05/99 n.185 (consumer protection and distance contracts).

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must give written notice given by email, stating the reasons if necessary, absolutely no later than 14 working days of receipt of goods, specifying the order number and the object or objects Returns, waiting for written communications provider under authorization.

The return of goods will be provided by the customer, who will also support costs, sending the articles intact and well packaged no later than 10 working days from receipt of goods at the following address:

Piazza Tommaso Natale, 117
90147 - Palermo (ITALY)

The VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. is not liable for damage, theft or loss of goods being delivered, which remain the responsibility entirely borne by the customer.

Within 30 days of return of products being made and then only after checking the integrity, the VA.ZI. ITALIA S.a.s. will reimburse the corresponding amount by bank transfer on bank account notified by the customer or through transfer of the amount debited by credit card.

Failure to comply with the conditions of withdrawal described in these conditions, will return the material wrongly made and the charge of related travel expenses, as well as absolutely exclude any reimbursement to the client.



Sie können Ihre Vertragserklärung innerhalb von 14 Tagen ohne Angabe von Gründen in Textform (z. B. Brief, Fax an +39.091.532458, E-Mail an oder – wenn Ihnen die Sache vor Fristablauf überlassen wird – durch Rücksendung der Sache widerrufen. Die Frist beginnt nach Erhalt dieser Belehrung in Textform, jedoch nicht vor Eingang der Ware beim Empfänger (bei der wiederkehrenden Lieferung gleichartiger Waren nicht vor Eingang der ersten Teillieferung) und auch nicht vor Erfüllung unserer Informationspflichten gemäß Artikel 246 § 2 in Verbindung mit § 1 Abs. 1 und 2 EGBGB sowie unserer Pflichten gemäß § 312e Abs. 1 Satz 1 BGB in Verbindung mit Artikel 246 § 3 EGBGB. Zur Wahrung der Widerrufsfrist genügt die rechtzeitige Absendung des Widerrufs oder der Sache.

Der Widerruf ist zu richten an:

Piazza Tommaso Natale, 117
90147 Palermo (Italien)


Im Falle eines wirksamen Widerrufs sind die beiderseits empfangenen Leistungen zurückzugewähren und ggf. gezogene Nutzungen (z. B. Zinsen) herauszugeben. Können Sie uns die empfangene Leistung ganz oder teilweise nicht oder nur in verschlechtertem Zustand zurückgewähren, müssen Sie uns insoweit ggf. Wertersatz leisten. Bei der Überlassung von Sachen gilt dies nicht, wenn die Verschlechterung der Sache ausschließlich auf deren Prüfung – wie sie Ihnen etwa im Ladengeschäft möglich gewesen wäre – zurückzuführen ist. Für eine durch die bestimmungsgemäße Ingebrauchnahme der Sache entstandene Verschlechterung müssen Sie keinen Wertersatz leisten.

Paketversandfähige Sachen sind auf unsere Gefahr zurückzusenden. Sie haben die Kosten der Rücksendung zu tragen, wenn die gelieferte Ware der bestellten entspricht und wenn der Preis der zurückzusendenden Sache einen Betrag von 40 Euro nicht übersteigt oder wenn Sie bei einem höheren Preis der Sache zum Zeitpunkt des Widerrufs noch nicht die Gegenleistung oder eine vertraglich vereinbarte Teilzahlung erbracht haben. Anderenfalls ist die Rücksendung für Sie kostenfrei. Nicht paketversandfähige Sachen werden bei Ihnen abgeholt. Verpflichtungen zur Erstattung von Zahlungen müssen innerhalb von 30 Tagen erfüllt werden. Die Frist beginnt für Sie mit der Absendung Ihrer Widerrufserklärung oder der Sache, für uns mit deren Empfang.


Via the “contact us” site or mailto: , the customer is entitled to submit written or verbal complaint procedures for any unintentional mistake or problem that occurred during the execution of the order or delivery of the goods in some way connected provider.

The pursuit of total customer satisfaction, communication received will be treated with the highest priority and call on third consideration the complains received, if not directly attributable to the same supplier.

The supplier undertakes to find the best solution to customer needs, according to the same and as soon as possible while ensuring full cooperation.


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