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Tumminia flour from ancient Sicilian grains Kg. 1

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Ancient Sicilian wheat flour

The Tumminia flour from ancient Sicilian grains, also called Timilla, is together with the Russello quality, the oldest wheat on the island known since ancient times and cultivated in almost all of Sicily. Today it is present mainly in the area of Trapani, where one of the most renowned Sicilian pasta factories stands, which uses precisely this grain for the production of pasta. The ear of ancient Tumminia wheat is not processed at intensive levels, it is milled with natural stone and the resulting flour is not refined like those traditionally on the market, therefore much healthier and extremely protein. This is one of the reasons that justify the high cost compared to other commercial products. Of partially integral type, it has a reduced gluten content, which makes it suitable for restrictive diets, although it is not indicated for celiacs, in healthy subjects it could prevent the onset of intolerances.

Mostly used for pasta and baked goods, the Tumminia flour of ancient Sicilian grains, allows a production of extreme quality and very digestible, not being in any way refined or genetically modified, maintaining the softness of the dough for longer. The bread that is produced is hard and very fragrant.

100% produced, cultivated, harvested and milled in Sicily by: Antico Mulino a Pietra di Lazzara - Longi (ME)

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