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Yeast biscuits from Sicily - 330 gr.

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Sicilian dry biscuits

Sicilian yeast biscuits are a true traditional ancient Sicilian goodness handed down for generations to the present day only by some local bakeries in the Bronte area and the Nebrodi park, as well as by the grandmothers who still produce these at home for their grandchildren. The taste of these biscuits is exceptional, very fragrant and excellent to be dipped in milk for breakfast in the morning. Healthy and genuine, natural sourdough biscuits are handcrafted and kneaded by hand, as in the past, keeping all the taste of true Sicilian traditions and the genuine goodness that has made generations of Sicilian children grow.

Trying Sicilian yeast biscuits means satisfying the desire for traditional homemade desserts, without weighing down and breaking the hunger overtime even for adults. With a good muscat or rosolio, after a dinner with friends they can be considered "meditation biscuits".

Made in Sicily by:
Panificio Biscottificio Ciancio - Tortorici  (ME)

00 flour, sugar, suet, apex seeds, natural yeast.

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